Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A rooster and his farmgirl

I was out weeding the very early but persistent weeds , being followed around by Rexie until it started to hail on me...I admit, I'm not for being bonked on the head while I'm gardening. Rex dashed under the plum tree and continued to forage while I went and got a hat.

I Hope, hope, hope that I can get taters and peas in soon. It's still getting down in the 20s at night, so I am thinking I should wait. Still a novice gardener here. But I'm determined to fight the weeds, and get a good garden out of the year.

Even with the unpredictable weather I enjoy starting to plan out the garden, with Rexes help of course! I'm doing mound beds and going to mulch heavily between the mounds to keep the weeds down ( HAH!)

We are planting about 50% heirloom seeds this year!
If this posts seems a bit disjointed, I'm typing around a cat who insists that she needs to be in my lap =)


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  1. Don't you love your cat's determination to be as close to you as possible??? Now I know how they came up with velcro!!!

    My garden is coming along. Spinach and chard is up. The herbs are going crazy. Can't wait for the first tomato. I had a strawberry yesterday. MMMMmm They are best grown yourself.

    Please visit me at my blog. I got some great pictures.

    Have a blessed Easter Weekend.