Friday, March 26, 2010

Willows. Early Spring. Idaho. My Back yard

This is my yard and beyond is my landlord's farm. I just rent my tiny piece of farm and dream of one day owning my own. Anyway...THIS year, I'm tilling up the weedy meadow grass and planting what will hopefully be a very productive garden. My seeds have been ordered and plants will be picked up from the farmers market this spring...Now I just need to buy enough cattle fencing to keep the neighbour's goats and sheep out when they inevitably get loose 0-O
They thrashed through the fence last year and ate all of my rugosa roses! wicked beasties! The farm has year round springs, so even if the well runs low, I can still haul water to my plants.  I'm starting on the Palouse Prairie Girls Garden journal project and will post updates as we go =)

 Still having frost and even a tiny bit of wet snow...looking forward to the scent of newly tilled earth and the rich scents of spring! It's almost garden time!

Tell me about your garden and where you live =)


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  1. Thanks so much for the post about my Grandson,he is so good, I enjoyed our overnight but am pooped today! Ha! The blessings of being able to give them back! lol Good luck with the garden, I too am going to try one again, hoping the deer and my dog Dash will stay out of it. :)