Friday, March 12, 2010

At first...I was homesick

My name is Annika, and I'm a country girl that didn't know it =)
Coming from Seattle to Moscow Idaho, was a big change! I was lonely and homesick for all of the trees. It took me a while to appreciate the beauty of the Palouse. Now, though I miss my Seattle green, I love the open rolling hills of my home. The beauty that each season brings. I live on a friends farm and have about an acre to play around with to myself, There are three wild plum trees and I've planted catmint, rugosa roses and several has taken me a while to understand the micro climate. Last year we even had a brief snow in June! But, I'm confident that once I get the hang of low water gardening, I will have a fantastic garden!
I had some lovely chickens until the raccoons found them and figured out how to get to them. THIS year, I'm building a new coop and making it 'coon proof! Then I'll be getting some more laying hens. I loved my wyandottes and will be getting more of them. I have a rooster that I rescued, don't know which breed he is, but his name is T-rex, or Rexie roo, and he is something of a character and more of a pet than a farm animal. I take in rescue cats and right now need to find homes for the tamer ones.
Now, I'm embarking on a learn-to-craft-you-dummy! movement and want to learn crochet,sewing, candle making, hand spinning, tatting, quilting, more on self-sufficiency and living a simpler life.

Welcome to my Blog!

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  1. I was very homesick after moving from Ohio to Texas this past July. It is a big change.

    It is very pretty here. We are very close to the Gulf. I have some nice pics on my blog if you care to see them.

    I am learning to garden in this new zone. Plus living with my sister in law, I can't dig a garden plot. I am container gardening.

    Have a wonderful day.