Saturday, April 3, 2010

The cat who owns me =)

This is my beautiful rescue cat Tia, she and I sit at the computer  and sometimes she helps me type lol!

I rescue animals that get dumped off out here on my country road. I found her and her mama and siblings living in an old culvert...some of the kittens didn't make it, it was the biggest litter I've ever seen and mama cat was just about a skeleton.

It took me days and a lot of tuna fish to catch all of them, Tia was the fiercest and I had to go get a couple of shots due to all of the claw and bite holes in my hands. We carried he into the bedroom and shut the door to give her time to cool down...I must have been  meant to have this kitten, because when we opened the door to check on her a little later, she was all purrs and curiosity LOL! and she has been that way ever since 

Well I got homes for the rest and kept mama cat Kiki and little bronze Tia, who is my constant companion. I have never met a more well adjusted and loving cat. she is there no matter what and I am daily glad that I found her. The white fur behind her head belongs to another one of my rescues, Bandit, but he has his own story =)

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  1. We had a cat this color. We found her as a tiny kitten. We found her on Halloween. She will be 14 this year. I left her with my friend in Ohio because I couldn't bring her to Texas.

    Have a wonderful Easter.