Monday, March 15, 2010

Dreaming garden dreams

As the days grow longer and the birds herald springs arrival, my mind turns to the earth and garden. We are often having heavy frosts still, but my seed orders are in and I'm going through my seeds from the previous year and mentally turning the soil, smelling the good earthy smell of it and seeing my garden in full bloom.

This year I'll be buying plants from the farmer's market because I don't have a great way to grow seedlings in the house.
The meddlesome cats are into everything and chomp up my seedlings, lay in the sun on top of the poor seedlings and generally wreak havoc with my attempts at growing anything in the house GGGGRRRRRR!


Anyway for all of you that love the earth and enjoy the art of the garden, spring is almost here! Soon we will be tilling and planting and weeding and watering!

Is it too obvious that I love gardening? lol!

Love and light to all of you

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  1. Spring has come to south Texas. I have seedlings and plants going crazy. Sure is a far cry from living in Northeast Ohio.

    Have a wonderful day.