Friday, March 26, 2010

Plans and projects, Oh my!

Do you ever have that burst of crazy energy , when you find a cachet of new project and links to even MORE projects that you are suddenly into? The I've-never-tried-this-before kind of excitement? I'm there! Not only am I having to adapt to the often too dry inner northwest way of waterwise gardening (This coming from a former Seattle girl!) I'm trying to get into crochet, tatting, sewing and quilting, backyard farming, candle making, and soooooo much more! I want to try EVERYTHING...
Perhaps its because I'm on the cusp on a half century of living and I realise how much there still is to learn...late mid-life crisis? Maybe I'm just going dotty =)

Hee-hee, I've started a farmgirl chapter, I'm craft mad and want to totally redecorate the house and have a world class garden.

...And I want chickens, turkeys and a horse too =)

So to all of you who are wondering where to go in your dream! Live out loud, be true to yourself and regret nothing.

Love and light


  1. I am looking at 40 this August. Doesn't it make you rethink alot of thing???

    I want land as far as my eyes can see and full of animals, plants, and love!!!

  2. I'll be 50 in August !!! Mine is on the 26th, when is yours?

    You know, I thought as a young woman that I would completely dread turning 50, but instead, I'm embracing it as a major vista point in life's journey. A place to stop and consider what mischief I want to get into next!!! I have found myself and have really started to enjoy life rather than rushing headlong through with out looking. My 40s were the years when I fully became myself and stopped living what others wanted me to be. Very awakening and spiritual, in many ways

    Have a wonderful weekend Amy!