Friday, April 9, 2010

Carrot cakes and crazy cat ladies =)

First off I was awakened this morning at an ungodly hour by a cat fight under my bedroom window...must be a new stray. *BIG SIGH* Its springtime here in Moscow and time for students to dump their pets that they got last autumn or winter when they find out that they can't take the poor animal home for the summer... I'm a crazy cat lady and don't get me started on animal abuse and abandonment!

So I'm going to end up tracking down the new cat(s), getting them fixed and releasing them =( But it's better then being awash in litter after litter of unwanted wild kittens.

The dogs that show up all end up at the shelter if I can't find them a home.

Ok, better get me off this topic ;)

Sunday afternoon we Palouse Prairie Girls are meeting to discuss projects, laugh, eat a bunch of goodies and get on a caffeine jag!

I'm baking lemon shortbread and my semi famous Sunshine carrot cake, which is an ordinary carrot cake recipe with the addition of pineapple and golden raisins. It is very yummy and fattening!

This evening I'm making Chicken-Penne primavera for dinner, which is also fattening.... Mayhaps I should spend Saturday walking off all of this good eatin' =P

I'm nearly done with my red gingham apron that I'm hand sewing, it's turning out really nice and will be my next photo subject I think.
I'll be finishing it up this evening =)

Friends are like stars, they make your life sparkle!

"til next time 

Love and light

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