Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grey days of autumn...

I think I am a rarity. I actually love cloudy grey days. The many grey hues of the sky and the fantastic cloud-scapes. Today I have enjoyed the wind, rain and cloudy skies. But I confess, I'm all ready for the first snowfall. Being a Seattle kid by birth, I still see snow as a rare and magical occurrence, even though I've been trapped in waist high drifts =P

I'm thinking that since this is an El Nina year, it will be a wet year no matter what. I'm hoping for enough snow for a white Christmas, but not so much snow that we are over our heads in it.

We drive a bug most of the year, but have an old beater Subaru to handle the white stuff when things get REAL snowy...the bug is not a serious winter car when you live out of town on a dirt and gravel inroad and have to often plough your way out to get out in the morning...but we love our bug! so we keep the old Sube for winter.

OOOOOO!!!!!!!! I WANT a snowy Christmas darnnit! I'm crossing my fingers and hope, hope, hoping!!!

Okay...enough winter dreamin'
Have a good Halloween and be safe out there!
Have fun and light a jack o' lantern for me!

Til next time

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